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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Cheap ray bans The effect of the line.

A pair of quality sunglasses should be able to filter between 99% and 150% of type A and type B ultraviolet light, and color to divide evenly, image deformation or other defects.Check sunglasses whether accord with a standard, can lift it, for some rectangular patterns, such as the floor, the lens slowly moves up and down or so, if the line always maintains a straight line, the rectangle is qualified.Studies have pointed out that when skiing or water skiing, wearing inferior sunglasses than people without wearing glasses, accept UV dose three times higher.

In addition to the 15 different color lenses, Rochester also provides eight kinds of shapes, each in the shape of a picture frame color more than 15 kinds.That is to say, this batch of new sunglasses Google glasses provides eight kinds of ray ban website style, 15 kinds of the color picture frame, and 15 kinds of color lenses, almost every user can find the most suitable for their own style.

Ultraviolet ray also can damage children’s corneal epithelium, at the same time will cause burns to the ret cheap ray bans in macular.

Aviator sunglasses is the design of history, it was born of the original purpose, in order to protect the pilot in the sky when his eyes from the sun damage.Now has become the people of cool tools.

Red Lily: I bought a pair of sunglasses to his son, the feeling is very necessary, or more dazzling.
Myopia glasses clip with a pair of sunglasses.The clip can be turned on or off when not in use.The shortcoming in the original frame glasses has high low matching deg ray ban website ree, especially to online shopping.

Actually, the material of sunglasses are more important than the shape and color of sunglasses, a really good sunglasses, besides luxuriant appearance, also should have good UV protection against the strong light of the function, but also has a certain impact resistance.And these are the material of lenses.Lenses can be divided by material: plastic lenses, glass lenses, polarized lens, lens to change color.

Children under the age of 6 are not suitable for wearing sunglasses for a long time.The visual function development because they did not reach the level of an adult, wearing ray ban website sunglasses for a long period of time will form amblyopia.So, the correct method is in the strong sunshine to put on their children, to remove in time for the sunshine become weak.
Eye experts believe that a qualified sunglasses must be able to hold back by ultraviolet ray, the different colors of the traffic signal with good resolution, and regular sunglasses belong to light series, diopter strict control at zero.015 degrees.If each use for a long time, should with practical give priority to, pay at cheap ray bans tension to the quality of the sunglasses, and UV proof is the prime function of sunglasses.

3 special blue and gold Zeiss antireflection coating, replaceable lens (in ray ban UK online interchangeable series)

Round the sunglasses is tonal collocation sheet including black creature with grey gradient lens sheet and Havana black color collocation brown gradient lenses.
Full of rock and roll spirit, break through the conventional design, rectangular resin frame angular.Broad flat picture frame model, almost appears above the right Angle, showing strong style and uncompromising spirit.In order to further process
Green lens: can reduce the degree of visible light and acceptance, and shall not affect the visual clarity.
cheap ray bans second when choosing sunglasses, we also notice the color of the lens.In all colors, grey, green, dark brown is the best;.Dark brown and black.After wearing sunglasses should be clear to your surroundings, the watch can at least see exactly red, yellow, blue, green these 4 kinds of color.

If it is to be narrowed his eyes to see objects, will not be able to choose such a sunglasses.Conspicuous very curvaceous FS5281 make fashion art aesthetics and superb technology standards. ray ban us Exclusive FENDI Pequin striped pattern to reinterpret and a mixture of retro and modern design line, its leg all the more remarkable.

Bridges with a fine metal sheet with rich layers of the black eyebrow are working with the tortoiseshell color, blue, brown or dark yellow framework formed the sharp cheap ray bans contrast, impressed at the sight.Walk alone is a normal life, But a life can get the support of others less.View and nearby, two or three bosom friend, thanks, in hand.
Intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_VIEW); nice and elegant, light and practical, can easily make you free from the heavy gloves


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