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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Oakley prescription sunglasses UK And about the wearing ray-ban sunglasses a boom.Because ray-ban sunglasses, ray-ban sunglasses this low-key yet characteristics, on many world-class fashion shows are easily seize person eyeball, ray-ban’s most classic frog mirror until now, still is a good example of the trend.

According to statistics, not just under 400 nm wavelength ultraviolet rays can damage eyes, in fact, long-term exposure to somewhere between 400 ~ 550 nm wavelength in the blue, indigo, and purple, three color of visible light can also cause retinal lesions.

3.A pair of glasses, be in namely, still have a pair of glasses and the glasses cast perfectly match sunglasses se ray ban sale t piece, by sticking or a magnet attached to the frame, take the set of mirror inside, is still a common myopia glasses.

For many people, wearing sunglasses is to beautiful.According to your own face to choose the right sunglasses is very important.Experts provides the following solutions.

Ferragamo Buckle series are a combination of Ferragamo joint series sunglasses and watches.The outline of the design of watches and sunglasses positive photograph echo, is a traditional exquisite Swiss tabulation technology applied in the field of design.37 mm diameter stainless steel or gold IP cas Oakley prescription sunglasses uk e with its unique modelling, bell cover bezel is metal or black, beige, or pattern of high-tech of curvature of the plate, with the sun glasses frame design.Champagne, silver, dark brown or black dial is beautifully decorated with the twisted rope pattern of the complex, diamond-encru ray ban frames cited rim digital scale.

Among various faces, oval face are the most lucky, almost what style of glasses good-looking, can even try modelling odd frames be cool, very have type;.

As for the round face, a square face and face Oakley prescription sunglasses UK, have to be in accordance with the face to choose a suitable sunglasses, can achieve the goal of modified face.Low yellow lenses: can absorb 150 ﹪ of ultraviolet ray, and allows infrared and 83 visible light pass through lens.The greatest characteristic of yellow lenses is absorbed most of the blue.Because the sun light through the atmosphere, mainly blue performance (this can explain why the sky is blue).Yellow lenses absorb blue light, can make the nature scenery more clear, therefore, the yellow lenses are commonly used to as a “filter”, or when the hunters hoe ray ban glasses ting used.

However, no one can prove shooter because wearing yellow glasses, thus better target shooting.

In fact, the sunglasses is not the patent of the summer, but your eyes the patron saint of the four seasons, as long as the light is too bright and dazzling, make you feel to make and the upper eyelid ache slightly, can wear ruby PROJECT and READY RUN running professional glasses, in order to reduce glare and dazzling light damage to the eyes, and you have a clear vision.

Because of the sun’s huge luminosity, in Oakley prescription sunglasses UK the absence of light reduction by end of the objective, naked eye cannot be directly observed through a telescope, so astronomers think a coup, projecting the image of the sun through a telescope on a piece of white paper, then day conditions draw down below

Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) – big picture frame beam x out sharply.Peach face, round face wear advice: peach face suited to choose lens color shallow, a thin metal frame or rimless glasses, to face the weight of the above ray ban frames e, to avoid the upper half of the already wide face more outspread feeling.

And round face suit framework is a bit thick, the lens color slants cold, dark glasses, a “tightening” face of visual effects, rich and delicate mirror legs design, can be more emphasis on the integral design ray ban frames n of the glasses, will be the center of the visual attraction to the whole sunglasses and face to match the overall effect, make people ignore the face
Spring/summer 2015 New York fashion week show: cristian kiosk jarno Siriano Christian V.

The color of the lenses in the market now make a person dazzling, many people only consider when choosing color wears is good-looking, and not paying attention to the lens color affect vision.

Shao Qing of doctor of vi Oakley prescription sunglasses uk ce director of special remind: when choosing sunglasses, not only to focus on its adornment sex, more attention to its protective function to the eyes


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