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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Oakley UK The lens can cause similar color to identify obstacles.Deep black lens will force pupil dilation, wear long days time, can cause visual fatigue, so everyday wear sunglasses color avoid by all means is too deep.

Triangular face, wide forehead, lips and chin stenosis.Use thin borders and linear frames, helps to balance the lower part of the face.Picture frame in the position of the face is unfavorable and exorbitant.Or you will make the triangle face is more outstanding, avoid using large frame, eye-catching color and square frame.

Classic pilot sunglasses model, adopts double center sill design, every Asian men be ray ban sunglasses sale come the indispensable perfect interpretation of fashion sunglasses.Texture soft, restoring ancient ways collocation classic lasting fashionable tonal collocation: deep ruthenium color polarized lens with gray, black and green, polarized lens, light golden brown polarized lens.

Nabla face chin seems particularly nozzle, the face to avoid wear wide frames, otherwise will only exaggerated frontal, and choose small frames can have the effect of narrow forehead width on the vision.

The ray ban glasses rise of round glasses, do not know how to “harry potter”, originally killed all don’t wear style anyway suddenly become hot choose to tide, and whether wholesale or stylish new design restoring ancient ways, he is always love.If you spring/summer Well, at least it does not conform to set the route, but a short without permission015 can only buy a pair of sunglasses, must choose round box, the match does not have taste, taking ray ban sunglasses sale snapshots hipster must belong to you!

Paul Smith this season with ancient clever odd choice modelling, perfect designer Paul Smith in detail place focus on product details, as always.Devonshire sunglasses with ancient clever odd choice modelling, show the design essence of Paul Smith.Picture f ray ban sunglasses sale rame on the unique radian, outline of the nose, the keyhole is the best accessories to make public individual character.Ms. PRADA season series of glasses again style restoring ancient ways, classic lines and combination of talent and technology for creation of the details.

Wide and pay attention to style designed geometry regularity.Sharp lines and sexy glamour fusion in Prada Machine this designed for Prada fashion show in Children under 6 years old of visual function is not yet mature, wearing sunglasses in the long run, fundus macular area cannot be effectively stimulate,015 and building projects. Exquisite special: hollow-out the harsh and precision metal design requirements and the modelling of curve form form perfect balance, thus creating modern feminine style.

New man gl oakley uk asses series is unique in the industry style restoring ancient ways with that of the 20th century 60 s after design into an organic whole, compose the contracted and the line of traditional aesthetic feeling. Prada

Development of technology, is now glasses myopia can be driving one choose from the following four methods.
expert Changsha love, ophthalmic hospital optical Dir Oakley UK sector, national secondary optometrist Yellow lead

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1.To filter 99% of ultraviolet light A pair of quality sunglasses, should be able to filter between 99% and 150% of t Oakley UK type A and type B ultraviolet light, and color to divide evenly, image deformation or other defects.Check sunglasses whether accord with a standard, can lift it, for some rectangular patterns, such as the floor, the lens slowly move up and down or so, if the line is always maintain a straight line, rectangle is qualified.Studies have pointed out that, in water skiing, snow skiing or sea people wearing inferior sunglasses than without the glasses, accept three times higher than that of  UV dose

The characteristics of the metal frame is that it can make Rayban wayfarer wearing is very handsome.Chic frame design out of the traditional boorishness metal frame glasses, can the hipster with new new mankind in general, and can show the elegant gentle temperament, practicality is very strong.

Egg, is the beginning of new life was born.From incubation to small broken egg out the whole process of life, bring vigor and vitality, showing a pursuit of the motive force of life, but also represents a new power, the creation of a new era.

O – remote stop again, it seems that safety technical personnel on the car a little hair, because KAIST seemingly and ran across the street opposite to the….
2.2.Can lead to poor eyesight

Might as well choose a few width exaggeration, the avant-garde st oakley uk yle sunglasses to highlight personality


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