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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Ray-ban spectacles Can continuous supply 8 hours.

Serpenti acetate sunglasses, black with gold plating CNY 7600
Just on topic with the latest fashion, portable bag, also sent a little bit of what?Sunny days the sunglasses, got a full mark in fashion sense.
Porsche Design (Porsche Design) with 18 k gold frame, its leg is decorated with platinum, lens for gold coating
Six big “justice”, not by professional personnel on a regular basis to optical shop, they don’t wear “” white”.

Assembling components is the final step of the fascinating process, combine bamboo in metal frames and lenses.After polishing, glasses will conduct quality inspection: accurate verification lenses and frames, check its leg on the mechanic the ray ban shop cal structure, adjust the hinge.

In addition, some people like wearing sunglasses regardless of time and place, outdoor or indoor, even the twilight, watching movies, watching television are wearing it, it will increase the burden of the eye, eye muscle tension, blurred vision, serious when still can appear the symptom such as dizziness, not long.

1.Wear contact lens wear sunglasses.The disadvantage is that wearing contact lenses for health requirements are very high ray ban spectacles Some people’s eyes are not suitable to wear.Wearing sunglasses in the outdoor is a protection to the eyes.But eye experts stressed that must wear qualified sunglasses.A pair of qualified sunglasses must be able to hold back by ultraviolet ray, the different colors of the traffic signal with good resolution, and regular sunglasses belong to light series, diopter strict control at zero.015 degrees.

In addition, the sun in the ray ban lenses 18th evening 8:00 in Seoul (South Korea), Jiangnan district neighborhood JBK Hall held “1 the Wonder Life” activities, to meet the broad masses of fans.Wei, director of the thought, this depends on different situation to theory.You must go out, for example, light and strong, that a pair of qualified assured sunglasses, can alleviate eyestrain or light damage of the infant, may play a protective role.
But on the other hand, children under the age of seven, most vision development is not yet per ray ban spectacles fect, to avoid wearing sunglasses indoors.Jenny said, “community actively manages the vehicle, this is a good thing, but we all can see?But, don’t want to set up such a bright LED lights, can’t we have the better way.

In the set off of the mirror arm, arm embedded in mirror “C ray ban spectacles D” golden metal sign more attention, the soft pink metallic effect makes the extraordinary design more hard to resist.For many people, as long as looked up day can feel, mysterious and vast universe, bright stars, they are there, you have to do is ready for curiosity, the map can bring you a special experience of stargazing.

Remember childhood home in the country, at the beach listening to the tide of breathing, the head is bright galaxy across the night sky of stars, it’s a pity that so many stars didn’t know, now h ray ban spectacles ave the map can find all the stars, but in the cities has lost sight of the starry sky.

3, on the day of the total online time to query the next day, there is probably a delay when the system is busy.The baby under the age of 6 should not be wearing sunglasses.
ray ban lenses For more than 6 years old baby when choosing sunglasses, must pay attention to methods. Eyes will wear sunscreen, sunglasses can effectively cut off from the ground low Angle reflected sunlight, choose sunglasses not only should pay attention to model and price, but also pay attention to prevent bask in effect.

To prevent bask in coefficient of suntan lotion, for example, at the very least to SPF15 above, the sunglass ray ban eyewear sees have sunscreen labeling VU400, can effectively prevent bask in, minimize UVA chronic damage to the eye.
In addition, the battery lasts up to one year in the mask, so you don’t have to often change the battery.As for why cooper sell this place new purchases of property, also caused a lot of speculation?Is bankrupt?Or a marriage?Or want to seclusion.As the author then did not have exact message, but I noticed that in 2015 the New Zealand Herald reported that cooper, 35, and the most intimate relationship between family members is close to bursting, it has been months since he did not speak to her parents and sister.

When you know just winning, Cooper said ray ban lenses d told the media, the money will be used to benefit the whole family.Ray-ban sunglasses design is concise and easy, high fashion, the symbol of nature have a different kind of feeling after wearing.


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