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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Ray-ban wayfarer Out “to complete the task, after separating the balloon, it landed safely on June 15th on a parachute on earth, landing site is Canada the worth of region Somerset Somerset Island Island, lies between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans of the Arctic ocean XiBeiHang road.”Sunrise” project is Max Planck association for the study of the solar system in Germany, Spain and the United States, the result of the cooperation partners.

In addition, the contrast color restoring ancient ways also is the important trend index of sunglasses for this summer.At present, the popular fashion colors, nude, animal stripes, have appeared on the lenses and frames, to tide people looked at the move.

Children cannot use glass lenses, collision natural disposition is lively and easy to fall, the resistance to impact of the glass ray ban wayfarer new ss lenses is low, the safety is not high.You can observe the distance through the lenses when buying things, slightly rotate at the same time, observe things without deformation, distortion, and so on and so forth.I have, explain ray ban wayfarer he lens have deformation, unfavorable buy.Can also be sunglasses to the light, see whether there are air bubbles, scratches, and other issues.

Singer lily Allen stripes T comfort, leisure tie-in Color Block sunglasses is to let her become a tide, people.
Two people love to holding hands go to causeway bay, more to store bought two need to eat, although they parade through the streets, between, seems we don’t know about international auteur sunglasses.
Square metal outline model a hale style, blend in advanced Nappa leather picture frame, the contrast of the different material joining together to form a harmonious and unique, blend in modernistic perfect classic design.

High bridge ray ban sunglasses for sale e of the nose to wear sunglasses are suitable for what, but if the bridge of the nose is low, when buying sunglasses is a good idea to try.Try to choose bazoo holds high wear resistance to slide products.
Item recommendation: type pilot sunglasses Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban is the star of love.People like to add so ray ban wayfarer me an interest in a classic can choose bright color lenses or plastic picture frame type pilot sunglasses.

Modelling to the upper floor.Also, like channel () also appears in this year’s avant-garde glasses like hair band, or the modeling of the helmet, the glasses do not need
The new series of VALENTINO glasses modeling delicate and elegant, gentle tonal collocation, distributed unique attractive temperament, the large size of plastic sunglasses modeling and smooth style of 70 s.

2.P ray ban wayfarer people in the driving.Dark green, grey, black sunglasses contrast is not strong, driving people generally not appropriate to choose lens color too deep.Especially in the evening, should choose to increase the contrast of the sunglasses, sunglasses like dark brown or yellow.Don’t wear blue sunglasses during the day, or cannot effectively distinguish between red and green traffic lights.
Versace series of glasses are full of contemporary and easily accepted by the young fashion.It is simple, natural style, thoughtful design, can highlight Ms. Noble and extraordinary temperament.
Click the buy: joker render long-sleeved shirt click to buy: joining together candy color collar shirt
Another season the sun is scorching.In the strong sunshine, the most fashionable ray ban sunglasses for sale modeling method is with a pair of sunglasses that grabs an eye.This season, there is no sunglasses like a mirror the color of the lens is more remarkable than that!

The ultraviolet ray in the light of its penetration is poor, all will fall into the eyes of the ultraviolet ray on the outermost layer of the cornea, the eyeball and is absorbed by it, so can cause pain, afraid of light ray ban wayfarer t, and the phenomenon of tears.
This kind of furniture including the chair, sofa and sofa bed, they are the products of glasses change greatly!

This a series of accessories inspiration from Anna Dello Russo unique and strong fashion sense, in her usual favorite accessories and her luxury home as the creation background, like the palace make a series of distinctive much money act t ray ban sunglasses for sale he role ofing is tasted, contains a jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, handbags and luggage, glittering, expensive gas, most of Anna Dello Russo style.Sunglasses on the two vibration distribution of crocodile’s ambition.

Besides improve street partner and keep out the fatigue, the stars will wear sunglasses without endorsement.Well-known model PiaoZhiXian endorsement of the sunglasses, mercury reflective glasses is the most popular this year, see so fashion ray ban glasses for women able collocation, I believe that many people also want to buy a pair.Various summer vacation wind model in the photo, sunglasses presence also full!We can also see in the Girls Day new sunglasses are widely used


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